Herman Street Review: Be Careful Dealing With This Company

Sometimes I make the same stupid mistakes that I warn other consumers about.

That is what happened when I purchased a DVD cloner program for my MacBook Pro from Herman Street, a seller for computer programs and electronics.

I made all the rookie mistakes possible because I was in rush.

I failed to look up reviews on the program as well as on the company. I also failed to check the Better Business Bureau website at BBB.org where I would have seen that there were 43 complaints about the products they sell.

Even worse, I charged my debit card for the $43.25 product, instead of a credit card, where I could have disputed the charge.

So I got what I deserved. The program does not work. The code they sent me is not accepted by the program. I have called both Herman Street as well as the developer, www.dvd-cloner.com, and still do not have a valid code nor a refund, despite purchasing the program Dec. 18.

I filed a complaint with the BBB today. I will update with result.

UPDATE: I finally got my refund from Herman Street. I thing it is because of the BBB complaint I filed.

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92 Comments on "Herman Street Review: Be Careful Dealing With This Company"

  1. Oh man! What WERE you thinking? I would NEVER use a debit card for ANYTHING! To me, that’s like giving someone your bank book! I charge everything, not that that is too much safer, then I pay it off at the end of the month. IF there is a problem or something unsavory about the company I’m dealing with, I can DISPUTE the charge. Been there, done that! Works great!

    There are SO MANY Apple product companies out there that are well known, WHY would you choose a company that I NEVER heard of. You should get Toast Titanium to copy DVDs. Amazon and MacMall have good prices and sometimes good deals with Apple products.

    Guess we’ll have to keep an eye on YOU! Before you buy another item for your Mac, let US know first. Then, we can give you our advice if we know about the product or maybe tell you who has a good deal! 🙂

    • George Gombossy | January 3, 2012 at 5:24 pm |

      My rear is black and blue from kicking myself.

      • George Gombossy,
        I’ve dealt with Herman Street several times over the last couple of years. Fortunately, the DVD cloner program works exceptionally well for me, but I’m a Windows user. I ran into one problem with the initial activation code, but they resolved the issue within 72hrs, and then sent me the backup DVD, at no charge. I’ve acquired the latest edition, and am still quite happy with the program, and enjoy the additions to it! Several months after my initial discovery of Herman Street, I purchased a couple of their Nanny Cam 2.0 models. This is to help keep an eye on my home while I’m away. After my first trip, I returned to check the cameras out, and one of them did not work. I contacted Herman Street, and again, they resolved the problem by sending out another camera, and Herman Street did this BEFORE I sent the non-working model back to them. I’m sorry you had such a bad time with Herman Street, but wanted to let some of you know that I’ve had nothing but GREAT communications, have been happy with the Herman Street products purchased, and am totally satisfied with how they handle themselves. I look forward to a continued relationship with Herman Street!

        • George Chimiklis | October 5, 2012 at 10:49 am |

          Yeah – when I see a positive reply from a person with just a first name, I’m thinking FTC violations as it’s likely the company itself (its employees) making the post.

          Sorry, I was contacted by email from Sarah Gowe on Tuesday, Oct 2. They have my product, shipping said it was returned due to a bad address. I emailed back IMMEDIATELY. No reply that day. I called Wednesday and left a message – no answer on the phone. I also emailed support, having already emailed Sarah to no avail.

          Today if FRIDAY, October 5th. Another call last night with no reply today. Another call this morning with the same answering machine. And another email.

          FOLKS – PLEASE! Avoid this company like a bad STD. There’s a bad smell here. My next stop is Rip-Off Report!

          • antonia jones | September 17, 2015 at 1:42 pm |

            i had the same exact thing happen to me and yes, i failed to do any research on the company. i downloaded the software only to discover it was completely unusable on my OS. cs required that find the correct product on their website and purchase that and then they would give me a refund. not a chance! i’ve contacted my credit card company and also plan to file a complaint with the BBB

          • I just called to return a pair of Walkie Talkies and was advised that they would charge a 15% restocking fee. No mention of this when I ordered. Also their price was way above everyone elses. They are hard to contact. Be sure to do it in writing!

        • Yeah that TOTALLY sounded like a made up story from a worker at Herman Street. I went on the BBB and this company has nothing but complaints and I am one of them. Their customer service is ridiculously horrible and I too contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge. I will now forever hate this company and tell all of my friends. And how sad, they have opportunities to keep their customers if they would just take the extra step to be honest and and provide help. Their loss!

          • Jim with nolastname | January 6, 2013 at 12:14 pm |

            I guess I’ll post this without my last name…no need to spread my name too much on the internet. I’ve made a few purchases through Herman Street and did well. But, I am also going to reconsider future business them. I don’t need the hassle. Thanks for the input.

          • This is 3 years late (or later) but I have purchased several DVD backup software titles from Herman Street and they have all worked as they should and registered as they should. I am not leaving my last name but I can guarantee that I am not an employee or a friend or anything else, just someone who couldn’t pass up some amazing coupon deals with them and gave it a shot. It’s like a restaurant; some people love, but sometimes if you catch the wrong person on the wrong night, will have a horrible experience and never go back again. So pls quit accusing positive reviewers of being employees of Herman Street just because we respect our own privacy. Not cool!

          • Having worked with and on the internet starting in 1995, I can almost guarantee that these positive reviews are *BOGUS*. Companies now hire Chin ease trolls at less than they pay kids to manufacture tennis shoes to post these bogus reviews. Positive reviewers using general terms like “several backup titles” “a few purchases” “several DVD backup software titles” are the kind of generalized BS that shills use when constructing bogus feedback.

            Simply put “herman street” in Google and hit search. The Yelp reviews popped up first for me. Yelp shows a ONE-STAR review AVERAGE: https://www.yelp.com/biz/herman-street-ogden

            Enuff said.

    • THANKS! I was about to order CyberLink Power DVD 12 from them. One of the review sites recommends the program and shows Herman Street as the cheapest at $49 vs $69 at Amazon.

      I went to http://www.hermanstreet.com and clicked on the Power DVD software and it gave me a code to get an additional 10% off if I bought in the next 60 minutes. (maybe to dissuade me from researching their site?)

      After reading this, I seem to recall some frustrating dealings with them in the past. Not certain, but this all sounds very familiar to me.

      So… I’m off to amazon to pay $69 for it. Well worth the extra $ to avoid the hassles!

      Thank you all again!

    • I placed an order on the Herman Street website to ship to Canada. Despite the fact that their website gave no indications, the input of the shipping address allowed a long list of countries along with the USA and the shipping method choice offered US Postal International service I was notified 4 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) that they do not ship outside the USA. Unfortunately for me I needed this product and have now wasted the time by not shopping elsewhere. It seems a little thing to post that a company doesn’t ship outside the USA never mind excluding countries outside their shipping zone from the choice menu and/on “international shipping”. Speaks volumes about customer caring. The upside.. found the exact product for $60 less elsewhere.

    • I agree! Do not deal with Herman Street!!! Purchased the BitDefender Internet Security from this company. But when I had problems downloading it on my computer, I contacted them right away to cancel and get a refund but they refused. They did not even offer to troubleshoot. After numerous communications via email (since you cannot get hold of anyone over the phone), I gave up losing $43.43 in the process. This was in February 2014. Would it be too late to file a report with the Better Business Bureau?

    • I use one debit card and only transfer the exact amount of money into that account for making an online purchase…just in case of issues I might run into like Herman St. Yes, I wish I would have read reviews; however, I thought I was dealing directly with Chief Architect and didn’t know it was a 3rd party until I hit the send button. They debited my account right away but..have failed to send the activation code. I have disputed the charge with the bank. When dealing DIRECTLY with Chief Architect, they sent the activation code immediately.

    • So I’ve had a interesting discovery that Hermanstreet and top ten reviews are owned by the same,one hands feeding the other

  2. PS- I don’t like the new setup. I liked the HOME link and the Consumer Complaint links. Now, I can’t find any of the past stories!

    • George Gombossy | January 3, 2012 at 5:25 pm |

      Sorry you don’t like it Bob. It has all the same information, navigation hasn’t changed too much. There is a tool on the right that has the past 10 or so stories, or most popular stories, on the bottom you have all 3000 post access, you can also access under the categories, or on search.

  3. If you use a debit card for an online transaction, isn’t it a credit transaction? I thought if you don’t enter a PIN, then the transaction is considered credit. I’ve used my debit card for an online transaction and I was able to dispute through my credit union (double charge).

  4. smartshopper | January 17, 2012 at 10:29 pm |

    This company is the worst ecommerce company I’ve ever placed an order with – their website indicates that the item is in stock but it’s not and they don’t email you to tell you they’ve back order your item but they they’ll take your money. I emailed I left them voicemails I callled over 6 times before I got a human who told me that my order was back order and would arrive next week afetr I waited a week for email confirmation that my item had shipped. I’ve purchased products from ebay for years and this the worst company I’ve ever had the misfortune of ordering from. I called HS and cancelled my order – I also send them an email cancelling my order and to make sure that they wouldn’t screw me I called my credit card co. and disputed the charge! AVOID HERMANSTREET.COM

    • Bought the download and the cd of Dvd Cloner for Mac 3 V3.60 on Sept. 7. Never received an email with the download link. Four days later was able to reach customer service by phone. Was told I didn’t receive the link because I had mis-typed my email address. The same email address Herman Street had sent my purchase confirmation and registration code to.
      Downloaded the program which turned out to be the Trial Version of V3.30, not the full version of V3.60 that I had purchased. Emailed HS and explained the mistake. Tried calling again but after the hours listed on the website the number listed on the website connects to a different company. I was sent another link to download the program, once again, the Trial Version of V3.30. Decided to wait for the CD which arrived on Sept. 23. The CD was V3.30. Not what I ordered but installed it. I was able to copy a few of my non-copyright protected DVD’s (old black and white movies). Could not copy any of my more recent DVD’s.
      Emailed HS again and was advised to contact the developer’s tech dept. Their advice did not correct the problem. After a few back and forth emails I decided to give up and request a refund from HS. Waiting for a reply. From what I’ve read on this page I think I will just go ahead and contact my credit card company.
      By the way, my registration code was never accepted by the program. And the tech dept could not find my order number nor registration code. Every time I opened the program it would ask to check for updates and one time I allowed it to do so. The upgrade page recognized my registration code and took me to a page where I could pay for the upgrade. Another $29.95 to upgrade to V3.60, which, according to the upgrade page, was the version of the program my registration code said I already had.
      DVD Cloner for Mac 4 came out this week. Supposedly when you buy the program you are entitled to a year of free upgrades. I was never able to find a link that would give me a free download of V3.60 (the program that I paid for), so I won’t waste my time looking for a free upgrade to Mac 4.
      I apologize for such a long post. I feel like I have been on a Herman Street adventure!

  5. I just had the same experience with Herman Street. They sell you the software and supply you with a fake activation code. Now for the hassle of getting my money back…at least I charged the $60. Agreed…AVOID HERMANSTREET.COM

  6. lorie tucci | April 17, 2012 at 9:45 pm |

    do not buy from hermanstreet the do not like to give refunds if the product does not work tell you to contact the manufacturer

  7. I purchased DVD Platinum 8 (download and backup cd)in December of 2010. The download worked great but theCD they sent me was blank with a label on it. I email them and the sent another cd which was also blank.

    I wasn’t so worried becaus I backed up the download on an external hardrive with the code.I do this so when I reformat my hardrive, all i do is unplug the external, reformat my pc, then replug it and all my data is there.

    What I didn’t expect were unforseen circumstances in the form of a virus which wiped my hardrives(intenal/external. All my pictures of my kids since birth, files….EVERYTHing.

    Anyway, I would watch them, they’re sheisty to say the least.

  8. Don Rawnsley | May 9, 2012 at 6:27 pm |

    I think I have been taken too!! I am getting the run around by HERMAN STREET … can’t reach a person on the phone and my email to them was replied to with an error producing technical support web site. The download “123CopyDVD2012” did not WORK!!


  9. Just ordered Bitdefender Total Security from these people. I received a receipt, then a second email supposedly with my serial number – except the field was blank! They have not responded to my emails. Where can I complain about these scammers? Ray, Australia.

    • File a complaint with the Utah BBB:


      • I ordered Bit Defender as well, as I was looking for an inexpensive antivirus. It seems like the major consensus is that this site sucks, but BitDefender has been working perfectly well for me. They sent me the activation code immediately after I ordered and it worked fine. I’m thinking it’s possible they somehow get pirated software and only give real activation codes out at random, thus a lot of people are getting scammed. Guess the old adage “If it’s too good to be true, than it probably is” applies here. Just glad my download is working lol 🙂

  10. This company stole $60 dollars. Never got a product. tried to contact by email and phone several times. consumer beware, SCAM SCAM (I wish i could make my font bigger) SCAM

  11. OH boy….. I am complaining too.

    I purchased PowerDVD 12 from them and also selected to get the Backup CD but where is this Backup CD.. It’s not listed as an item to ship but part of the download. So I’m twiddling my thumbs trying to work out how the hell to make the backup CD.. Other then that the program works.

  12. Oh and email sent to them gets rejected…….Red flag

  13. Worst on-line experience ever… download e-mail contained no serial number and download link didn’t work ! E-mailed support 2 times… no response, called them 2 times…no answer…no call back! Requested they cancel the order and notified credit card co that the charge will be disputed if processed by them…Should have checked reviews before I made purchase… my bad! STAY away from Herman Street… they are a FRAUD!!

  14. What is Herman’s phone number ?

    I got scammed with DVD Cloner -9

  15. I received software and no activation code. Do not buy from them!!

  16. I checked out Advanced System Optimizer and found it was a good program. But the link to buy it led me to Herman Street. I bought the program, but when I ran it, it told me that I needed to contact the software manufacturer for problems I encountered. When I tried to contact the software company, I was directed to a website called Ethical Tech Support (or something close to that). Those people said they would run a program that would identify the problem, which I foolishly allowed them to do. Then they wanted my credit card to fix the problems and at that point I hung up, fearing they might have done damage to my computer.

  17. I purchased Comodo internet security 2012 for $39.00 .they sent me a confirmation of order and then an email with a blank space for the serial , and a link that does not work to download the program .I have sent 3 emails to customer support and have been ignored by all of them . they are a fraud and now I have the hassel of getting my money back

  18. Phones not answered. E-mails not answered within 48 hours. Sounds like a Better Business Bureau issue. Try NEWEGG or Tigerdirect.

  19. This may be the most attrocious, borderline fraudulent cutsomer service I have ever encountered.

    I ordered a microscope for my nephew and paid for expedited shipping. Let’s say it was supposed to arrive on a tuesday. By the following Sunday I still had heard nothing. They processed the payment immediately of course, but no word of shipping.

    So I emailed them to check in. Nothing. No response at all.
    So I called the next day. No answer, so I left a voicemail. No call back.
    So then I call again, like 12 times! No answer. There is no one actually working there. Finally I left a second voicemail saying that if they did not call me back I would be disputing the charge on my credit card and reporting them to the BBB. No response.
    So I did what I said and am in the process of fighting the charges.

    After I disputed the charges and filed a complaint with the BBB I got a call from herman street. I was like – ” finally, they want to talk to me”, but I let it go to voicemail. They left a generic, “Thanks for your call, please contact us about your order” message. Then 5 minutes later I got another call from them. I let it go to voicemail. Guess what? It was the same exact message! It’s just a freaking recording!! Seriously?! I only happened to get two of them because I left two voicemails for them. Guess they didn’t anticipate that one.

    I also sent them a final email to let them know how I would be proceeding. They responded two days later with a boiler plate response that I have seen them send to other people that have posted it online. Basically saying, sorry, because of the promotion we ran out of stock. There was no promotion! It’s not even addressed to me nor does it mention my specific order. It’s just a “sorry, your ITEM…”.

    Unbelievable!! I’ve read some online reviews where people have had positive experiences with software through them, but I just can’t imagine how!? If my money is not refunded soon I’m going to have to take legal matter against them.

  20. Kevin Remillard | October 21, 2012 at 1:35 pm |

    I ordered and installed Bitdefender Total Security and upon receiving security errors contacted this company for online support. After waiting over 30 minutes for a response I unistalled the software and switched to another company. When I requested a refund they indicated I could only get a refund if I had a service desk ticket number which, of course, I could not obtain because nobody would answer my service call. Despite explaining this to the customer service representative she demanded a ticket number.

  21. Hi – Just wanted to thank you for posting this thread. I was one click away from buying Corel Paintshop Pro on Herman Street when I decided to exercise due diligence and check out the company. After reading this and seeing 131 complaints on the BBB website I decided to put my credit card back in the wallet.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work!

  22. Herman Street also owns Space.com. The customer service is none existant and I had to call Herman Street customer service to get a refund for an order that was placed in October that was never shipped, backordered I was told. Just stay away from this company.

  23. Thomas Finnis | December 11, 2012 at 12:41 pm |

    As other have stated – goods not arrived – They do not answer the telephone and no reply to email –
    gave them Money for nothing – STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE !!!-

  24. Just about to hit the final confirmation button to buy, felt uneasy as I never come across websites advertising clone DVD for Mac – just as well. Thanks to all you guys, I’ve saved my dosh.

  25. Terrible company! I had some issues with checkout online and needed to contact them to get it worked out. I tried 3 times by email and I can’t even tell you how many times I have called with no answer! I thought that because of the holidays they were busy, but this is ridiculous!
    They have taken my money and 13 days later I STILL don’t have the product. I have heard nothing about my order being shipped or what is happening so all I can tell from my perspective is they have my money and I have nothing.
    I will NEVER buy from Herman Street again!

  26. Read this review carefully and listen to it! In fact, save your money and go somewhere else!!! I wish I had done a review on this company before ordering from them. They will not send the item I paid for, respond to my emails or answer the phone. In other words, they stole $65 from me and have my credit card info. I’m reporting them to BBB and anywhere else I can. Trust me GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

  27. Donna Alexander | March 1, 2013 at 12:51 pm |

    I wish I had checked this site before purchasing from this company. Initially I purchased the Bitdefender software and had to ask for a refund. I was floored at how good their customer service was and how they refunded me so I was really caught off guard when they also sent me a coupon…so, I went to their other site, Space.com and ordered 3 things. I had to send one of the items back and WHAT. A. NIGHTMARE!! I have been given the runaround by 4 different people and have been told totally conflicting information. DO NOT EVER deal with this company, please do not keep this sham of a business going. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB of Utah as soon as I get home. I have never had this much trouble returning shoddy merchandise in my life, I am glad there are sites like these where people can document their bad experiences and warn others!

  28. Their DVD Cloner app clearly does not work. Very unethical company and I learned my lesson to have bougth their useless program without looking at reviews first.

  29. Ordered a tee shirt from Space.com and had no idea it was really from Hermanstreet.com. Never received it! Had to pay for it!

  30. If you paid by credit card, contact your credit card company and they will refund the charge.

  31. Bought “Advanced System Optimizer”. didn’t realize I’d bought it from Herman Street. the program sent my computer into blue screen. I don’t dare use it again. Wanted my money back. neither Advance System Optimizer nor Herman Street would refund. A bunch of money grubbing bastards. Stay away from both.

  32. James Charnley | May 24, 2013 at 8:31 am |

    I should have come to this site first — I join this long stream of complaints for the reason that I bought the Herman Street web design product — the only piece of software yet that I found brought by Windows 7 system to its knees — it was an immediate impediment that had to be removed and absolutely no help from the Herman Street folks to make amends — the $50 they took me for must be very special to them.

  33. I bought the bitdefender antimalware from herman street in february. I thought it was installed. lo and behold my computer said it wasn’t. so I called bitdefender, they told me to call herman street.I called and the woman I spoke to found my order,that I purchased in february and said she would e-mail me the info I needed to reinstall the bitdefender. Today I get an e-mail from them saying they can’t find the order and will need more info from me. I paid for and downloaded the antimalware on the computer, I don’t have the so called order number and never did! This company should not even be in business. Their customer service sucks, to be kind! I want the name of the CEO and am trying to find it. So, if anyone out there knows where i might find it, please e-mail that info to mgero51@yahoo.com. Thanks!!


    Their 30-days money-back is a RIP-OFF for software downloads. If you have downloaded the software (which is the whole point) you’ll never get your money back!

    They didn’t even have the latest versions of the software they are selling and didn’t care to get it for you too. Instead they told me to go elsewhere for the newest version after I had bought the old one from them… No upgrade offers, no customer care at all. LOUSY SERVICE!

  35. Terrible customer service and terrible products. I downloaded DVD Cloner 2013 and it is the worst program I have ever bought. The video quality is good, but the audio switches halfway through the movie to a different language. Also on some of them, the commentary was on, the menu didn’t work etc. I asked for a refund and they gave me the runaround about talking to tech support, documenting it, etc. I honestly don’t have time for that – I’m leaving the country next week. I bought this because it was a good price, but I guess you get what you pay for. I filed a complaint today with BBB. I would never do business with this company again.

  36. Charles Wiltshire | August 5, 2013 at 12:27 pm |

    Just read Herman St. refund policy after requesting refund. Clearly I won’t be getting a refund. They have covered all possibilities of refund requests and stated their reasons for no refund Bought Bitdefender didn’t like it. Bitdefender has a satisfaction guarantee return police but they just pass the buck to Herman st.
    I guess this is just bad business and not internet fraud, or is it?
    I don’t even no how I got hooked into Herman st I thought I was dealing directly with Bitdefender. I wonder if Bitdefender has any ownership in Herman st.
    Also fair warning, watch out for automatic renewals.
    Here I go to BBB and credit card dispute and facebook and twitter etc.

  37. I am EXTREMELY upset wih this company and will never purchase from them again. I bought an ION Tape Express which did not work after three tries. I complained to Herman Street – their response “If you opened it, it is yours. No refund.” I wouldn’t have known it was such a piece of crap unless I opened it….beware, don’t risk any purchases from this company.

  38. Becky Overholt | October 15, 2013 at 7:13 pm |

    I had a bad experience with Herman Street. I ordered UltraKey, a typing program. It would not work on my computer and they told me that they would refund my money. Then, a few hours later they emailed and said that they would not refund my money. I had to work with their tech person. Their tech person told me that my browser wasn’t big enough for the program. There was a lot of confusion and run a rounds. Terrible service. There are typing programs out there for free and that work fine with my browser. Why should I pay 40 for one that doesn’t work and from a company that has poor service? I would NOT use use this company again! FYI – I only went for UltraKey because I had used it in school and liked how it worked.

  39. Catherine Nicole | November 6, 2013 at 9:19 pm |

    Well just add me to the list of those ripped off by Herman St! Downloaded a program but the code they sent doesn’t work; now they want me to spend My time trying to fix it ;& no refund until I do! Right. I intend to write as many negative reviews as possible warning people against the company. First truly bad experience with an online purchase; they do not provide anything that even begins to look like customer service. (I’m going to email all of my bad reviews to them as well.)

  40. Thanks for all the feedback here! There was a link to the Herman St online store on the Toptenreviews.com website for a product I wanted. I was about to hit the purchase button for the product when I thought I better do a quick google seach on them first. Glad I came here!! I think I have just narrowly escaped getting ripped off too! Can anyone please recommend a good and honest online store to purchase electronics from? Thanks!

    • That’s the site which directed me to Herman St., too, but the particular software review which I read is consistent with my own experience as well as with the praise this specific product consistently seems to receive, no matter the source.

      Upon a ‘return’ visit to Herman St. to see their ‘Return Policy’ page I’m struck more strongly with the sense of artificiality that drips off of their ‘service-oriented’ words. Go back and read their exculpatory rhetoric again. They do seem to be cloaking a charlatan approach to business in sweet, trite words which can initially engender confidence.

      These reviews headed me off at the pass. Herman St. surely seems at second glance to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      Though my reply is long after the fact, to your request I think that any ‘big name’ online retailer would be a safe bet, even if you do experience manufacturer-related problems, as they may assist in helping to resolve them. Sometimes the extra expense of dealing with huge but legitimate companies that charge more provides immeasurable benefits which aren’t immediately evident — such as the assurance of ethical practices which extend to genuine results-oriented customer service. How much is peace of mind worth, really?

  41. I’ve purchased many products including dvd cloner 2013 over the years and all purchases went fine without a hitch. But good to know I must have been very lucky. Hope I can find other sites with good software prices.

  42. Will be filing complaint with bbb. Ordered a remote control boat for my son. Received confirmation of purchase and shipping with NO TRACKING number. Decided to wait, 2 weeks later, still no package. Called numerous times after that, left voicemail, no rEmailed and finally received a tracking number, package was “delivered” the day after I ordered it. Bullshit. I live in CA and they are in Utah, I paid for generic UPS ground during holiday time, impossible. They are scamming. Giving me a generic tracking number that has no description other than the city I live in.

  43. vern weldon | January 5, 2014 at 10:16 pm |

    Bought many programs from Herman St, never a problem receiving programs. the only program that had problems was cloner 2013. When I call on telephone I always get somebody on phone the replies have been prompt.

    • Absolutely disappointed with Herman Street – purchased a product “Whitesmoke”.
      Installation and registration were fine, but the product literally hijacked my PC. Anonamalies were instantaneous – frozen screen; unresponsive icons, disabled anti virus software, unalterable changes to admin permissions (virtually restricted to read only, and so on. Eventually used a lethal anti malware program – 3 Trojans and some 15 Babylon viruses. All were directly associated with “Whitesmoke”. DO NOT purchase this program; it will only bring you grief. Herman Street has an obligation of due diligence. I have clearly presented the company with unquestionable evidence related to the above regarding the above intrusions. However, they still continue to sell this malware abomination. Totally disillusioned in what I sincerely believed was a reputable company.

  44. I’m in the minority here but I have had 3 or 4 purchases from Herman Street going back to 2010. My most recent was DVD Cloner 2013. Every purchase I made went really well. In fact, about a week after my last purchase Herman Street started selling DVD Cloner 2014. I contacted their support via email, told them that I felt it was not right to ship (download) last year’s product and that I felt I should receive the new version. Within a few days I received an email with a new link to the new version and a new activation code.

    They seem pretty straight up to me but I will surely be careful with them in the future

  45. I didn’t check this place out before I made a purchase before Christmas for my wife. I ordered an aftermarket bluetooth speaker for the car but could never get it to recognize her new Galaxy S4 phone. Immediately tried calling Herman Street customer service and got – busy leave a message. Sent an email follow-up on 12/27 and received an automated reply saying that they had received my request and would be contacting me. On Jan 6 – no phone call or email response, I sent another message asking for help. Jan 8, Sarah Gowe from customer service sends an email asking if I had contacted Technical Support. I tried but no answer. I replied to Sarah’s email and explained that I would have exchanged the product if Herman Street had responded in a timely manner, but had to purchase a different device and now need to return the device to Herman St. Now Jan 9 – two emails from Thomas Horne to finally get down to “sorry but if the product is open we are unable to issue a refund.”

    Never had this problem with anybody else I have done business with online. WATCH OUT!

  46. Wow, sure am glad I Googled these guys and found this site.

    totenreviews (http://internet-security-suite-review.toptenreviews.com/) has Bitdefender 2014 as #1 but their “buy now” links to Herman St while they link other products to the company’s own website (Norton, Panda, etc). I thought that was odd. What’s the link between this review site and Herman St.?

    I did a mock buy at Herman St and was offered a low price compared to the Bitdefender website. Herman St. offered at 60 minute discount, which dropped the price again. When I was about to leave the page, another pop up came, saying sorry you are leaving, here’s another discount if you order now – dropping the price so low, it was unbelievable and suspicious.

    Then I Googled Herman St and found this review page. Thanks for the info.

  47. Well (responding to J and Richard above), there is a Sarah Gowe registered on LinkedIn as “Web Data Specialist” with “TopTenREVIEWS”. I, too, received a “bad address” email from “Sarah Gowe” — in August 2012 — to which I replied immediately without any effect whatsoever. Y.

  48. velicia martindale | March 11, 2014 at 11:07 am |

    I purchase dvd cloner 8 about 3 years ago and it worked grat for me had an issue where my computer crashed and had tp reinstall did have the internet download or activation code called herman street and they we very nice sent me be emal coe and download link today I just updated to the dvd 2014 and it is awesome have had excellant customer service all emails I have sent with questions are all anwsered within 24 hours.

  49. elmo scoggins | April 7, 2014 at 3:23 pm |

    I ordered a Panasonic wireless home phone set early in March and received confirmation of my order within a day. 6 days later I received an e-mail stating the item was on backorder, despite the fact it was in stock when I ordered it. I sent an e-mail that day to find out how long it would be until the unit was back in stock to determine if I should cancel. No response (ever). I called a number of times but always got a message and no call back. FAter a week of trying I finally got through and was told that the units would not be in until a month from the inital date, and then 3 to 5 days for shipping until I received it. Would have been nice to receive a response the 1st time. Now I’m still a week away and I’ve heard nothing…Not really worth the time or effort to get the few dollars I saved dealing with these guys. Absolutely no customer service and no reliability. I will be surprised if I ever see the units…

  50. Re: Complaints against Herman St.
    Wow, thanks for your service. Their deal on DVD Cloner was so tempting I almost pulled the trigger but decided to check reviews…..plus I called them with no call back. I am looking elsewhere so sure.

  51. Fallen into the same same trap I warn others not to as well!!! I used the dodgy Herman Street.

    I bought Bit Defender from them but found that Bit Defender was not what I was looking for (not only does to act as an Antivirus but it wants to be my closest friend, sleep in my bed and father my children – I just wanted an AV.). Herman Street state their policy is 30-day refund. Bit Defender state their policy is 30-day refund.

    Neither want to honour that policy. Why o why do I never learn and use dodgy companies to buy things.

    Battle is just starting however…..:-)

  52. That trap is very large, I must say. Yes, I was in a big hurry too. I spent a couple of hours reading software reviews and had decided on a 1st and 2nd choice. I wasn’t able to use a credit card, as required, since my new one hadn’t yet arrived. Herman St accepted debit cards so I went there without doing a scam/fraud/complaint check first! I had so much trouble even getting a download I called their number and spoke to “Tom” who said I could learn more at another number which I called but never got through. I called Tom back, told him what happened and he agreed to stop the order (which had not yet cleared my bank). It cleared today so I called back and complained. I was told that it would take up to 2 business days for the money to be put back. So now I wait…little do they know I am going to be spending the night in Ogden, UT next week! Mua-ha-ha! Watch out, Herman! Will we ever learn? LOL.

    • Ha! Probably — not. ; ] I’m nearly at the point of not conducting any online transactions with entities that don’t accept PayPal — like Herman St.. That’s kind of a telltale sign, I think, unless you’re doing business with a Mom & Pop enterprise that never heard of eBay or Etsy. What a cool thing PayPal is, and I sidestepped it for quite a long time out of ignorance and, ironically, unfounded mistrust.

      It’s January 31st, 2015 as of my writings here, and Herman St. is still in operation, despite an avalanche of bad reviews. A couple of clicks away from becoming perhaps the company’s most recent ‘victim’, I ended up here out of curiosity. I now find it implausible to regard Herman St. as anything but a disreputable organization, given the sheer volume of negative experiences reported here. It seems most probable that any positively reviewed interactions were either flukes or are the inventions of inside ballot-box-stuffers on Herman St.’s behalf.

      I think the product I was going to order from Herman St. truly is an excellent one, but TopTenReviews wrote an even more effusively glowing appraisal of it than I usually find, so that was a bit of a red flag. Pair that with another complainant’s LinkedIn search for Sarah Gowe which showed apparent collusion or conflict of interest. Then factor in yet another mention of a different suspect scam artist organization that was ‘reviewed’ on the same TopTenReviews site. Something wicked this way comes.

      How is it possible that ANY responsibly run company would garner ANYWHERE near this much apparently warranted vitriol? It isn’t even as if the complaints vary much. That said, how is it possible for such a company to still be conducting business?

      It would seem that in a State where consumption of alcohol is puritanically forbidden while the adoption of multiple wives is permissible, operating an ethically questionable and arguably law-evading business is acceptable practice. ; ]

  53. I just finished dealing with Herman St customer service. The lady was very pleasant and very helpful. However, my complaint is, even though the web site states an order can be canceled before it ships, it turns out that is not so. I ordered a product and within ten (10) minutes of placing that order I contacted Herman St per instructions on its web site to cancel the order. Then within thirty (30) minutes of that event, I received a “your product has shipped” noticed. I then called customer service. The very pleasant customer service lady said she would contact Herman St shipping department to have the order pulled from the shipping dock. She called me back in one (1) hour stating the order was picked up and now could not be cancelled. I have to say Herman St is very fast at getting orders out the door. However, once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled in spite of what its web site states.

  54. John Shoemaker | July 12, 2014 at 11:13 am |

    Stay Away! I sent a note to them when the links they sent me wouldn’t work for product I bought.

    They said they would exchange it for another product…but not a refund. Amount is inignifigant.

    But I learned in the past…

    1) When A product doesn’t work out of the box…Support becomes hell…so I don’t bother.

    2) Why would I want an exchange when the first product was crap…What would make me want to buy more from a terrible company?

    Screw ’em! (not a rant…just the right response)

  55. I purchased Bitdefender from them recently. I could not get it to work on my system and do not have the time to go through a huge troubleshooting expedition with the makers.

    The guy refused to give a refund and has only offered an exchange.

    Not pleased! Looks like i should have checked for bad feedback before buying!

  56. Thank you for all the feedback on this company. I almost pulled the trigger today on purchasing computer monitoring software, a download. Boy, am I glad that I checked for reviews on the company first. I definitely will not be making the purchase and will be looking elsewhere for what I need.

  57. F. Fuentesfina | July 31, 2014 at 2:00 pm |

    DO O

  58. I bought BitDefender antivirus from them, but I didn’t realise I was buying it from them till I got the receipt. They made up the purchasing page to look like I was buying direct from Bitdefender. The program had so many bugs that I decided after a few days that it was best just to get a refund rather than stuff around trying to get it fixed.

    On the Bitdefender site I left a ticket with regards to getting a refund. I explained all the things that the program was doing. They told me to contact the people who sold it to me (Herman Street). I contacted Herman Street and received a reply that no refund would would be forthcoming because I hadn’t tried to work through the issues with Bitdefender. I explained that the issues were too numerous to work through, especially on a product that I had paid for and wasn’t beta testing. I also explained that I only had the product a few days. They were still not happy about giving a refund.

    I had to get a bit snarky with them and tell them that I would be telling everyone I know about hard they are to deal with. They eventually came back and said a refund is being processed. It wasn’t easy though. If a charge comes through I’ll definitely be disputing it with the credit card company. They are selling faulty product that hasn’t undergone full testing. I don’t have time to help them test their product.

    I would definitely stay away from both Herman Street and Bitdefender. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually the same company, due to similarities in the responses I had to my support requests with them both.

  59. I have been reading review after review and to my surprise many were negative and some are positive. I was looking online to buy Bit Defender anti-virus and it was so much cheaper than anywhere else. I paid using debit card but I did not read the reviews first. First off, I really watch who I do business with. For the price, it is a great buy. I think Bit Defender took over from there. The send the download quickly and two email of purchase and the license code. What struck me funny was I have never seen a license code very short. I think it was six or eight characters. I downloaded it and immediately it was validated. This was not the Bit Defender that I had previously. It was altogether different. As a matter of fact, there was so many questions asked when you get the ID security protector, which to me was doing a credit report and shown every detail that was on it. It was like getting it from Experian and the other two. In a way I felt violated. Why would Bit Defender do this as an extra. I’m pretty sure that they will charge me a monthly fee like most of these credit companies do. Now, I don’t know. I have to keep my eyes peeled to see what happens. I usually use PayPal for all of my transactions because it is very secure. I really wonder if I made a bad mistake.

  60. dermot keenan | November 10, 2014 at 3:54 pm |

    Bought several years worth of Bitdefender – never a problem with these guys (so far)

  61. This is correct. These people sell products that do not work. The technical support stinks, and then when you go to them for a refund they simply delay and delay and never give an answer. Do not do business with them.

  62. I had the miserable misfortune to deal with this company in purchasing Bitdefender AntiVirus 2014 from them.
    Within a week my laptop’s system became unstable and my HDD finally crashed. The laptop had to be sent away for repairs and to be reset to its factory settings.
    I have now removed Bitdefender from my system and have emailed Herman street customer service several times for a refund of my money. Up to now i have not had a reply from herman street.
    Funny, i never had a problem in the past when using AVG or Kaspersky. I would say beware of this company, Herman street and in particular Bitdefender AntiVirus 2014.

  63. Damn!!!! I am from South Africa (note the exchange rate) and think I have just been caught. Purchased Corel software. Cant download, e-mails returned. Cant leave message on given number. May they rot in hell!

  64. I ordered and received a disc labeling program. I thought it was strange that there was no cellophane wrapping on the disc container. I installed the program to the point where I needed a license number to activate it. I couldn’t find one. I learned from the manufacturer the license number should be on a sticker in the disc container. It wasn’t there, repeated requests to Herman Street have been ignored. I’mn out almost $40.00 bucks.
    I’d rather deal with Bonnie and Clyde, at least there would be some communication.
    Avoid this thief..

  65. i purchased bit defender 2015 through Herman street, it totally destroyed my computer and still to this day almost 2 weeks later i have had nothing but automated responses from them DO NOT DEAL WITH HERMAN STREET worst support on the planet never never again

  66. I purchased regclean pro from them….i received a download link and a working license…however the download was full of viruses and it has completely ruined my $2500 computer…will never deal with them again…they only offer garbage anyway

  67. I got scammed by them too for some photo album s/w. Their email address does not work. They do not answer the phone and when I put their address in google maps it shows a vacant building. I’m calling the cops.

  68. What a rip off company. I purchased the Register Cleaner, did not work and asked for a refund twice the day after I purchased it. Never a contact back, then I sent one on Oct. 10th. They ask me to prove I had contact with them. What a load of crap, because I used their refund site twice – they say they never heard from me. I believe they are crooks for sure.

  69. I bought what I thought was from Bitdefender Antivirus I went to a review site that said was the best Antivirus program. Please DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE I have copied/pasted here: >>http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/windows-7/<<(my arrows). It seems that a company "Purch" which looks legitimate and seems to either own or sell names that many are familiar with such as,Topten Reviews, Tom's Guide, Laptop, Tom's Hardware, Business News Daily, Tom's IT Pro, Space.com, Live Science maybe others. I just read they bought 'Active Junky' which is known for it's 'slight of hand' tactics when you sign up so you have to watch what you are doing with your credit card as you will incur charges if not careful..
    Anyway I just got tricked by that review site, The whole site is a con for "Hermanstreet.com" as any where you click on links back to them and their shaddy dealing. They took me hook, line and sinker and now they have my credit card and my personal info.Before I realized I had been taken I downloaded "their' Bitdefender ran it and the fist thing it did was remove my default email and it won't let me access bitdefender.Don't use anything from HermanStreet They will take you and give you products that simply don't work and if this company "Purch" approves of them, I'd stay clear of them and any thing they sell.

  70. Terrence N. Thompson | December 10, 2015 at 1:45 pm |

    I had the same problem purchasing DVD Cloner, except I used a credit card. Numerous emails were unanswered. Their phone number gets you an answering machine. After leaving several detailed messages, I have received no reply.

    Customer service does not exist in this company.

    I guess I will protest the credit card charge.

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