Amazon Will Give You Up To $15 To Compare Its Prices With Competitors

Raising the stakes even higher for this holiday shopping season, Amazon will give you “5 percent or up to $5 off as many as three products if, before you reach the checkout line, you first compare prices using its barcode-scanning app,” Consumer Reports says.

“Available for the iPhone and Android devices, the Price Check app from Amazon lets you scan an item’s barcode, take a picture of it with your mobile device, or search online to see what the lowest price is.

As tech news site AllThingsD points out, Amazon’s shopping offer lets the online giant both promote the use of its Price Check app and collect information on how products are priced in stores as opposed to on its website. Amazon is also asking shoppers to submit the prices of all the items they scan via the app.”

Amazon Will Pay Shoppers $5 to Walk Out of Stores Empty-Handed []

Best Buy will be a prime target as Amazon can frequently beat its prices for electronics, like big televisions.

Brick and mortar retailers howled with pain and anger at Amazon’s new tactic, accusing it of unfair competition:

“Retailers compete on price 365 days a year, and at no time is that competition hotter than during the make-or-break holiday shopping season. However, by continuing to evade collecting state sales taxes, Amazon’s exploitation of a pre-Internet tax loophole is resulting in a 6-10 percent perceived price advantage over their competitors on Main Street.

“Amazon’s aggressive promotion of its Price Check app shows the lengths they are willing to go to exploit this tax loophole, and is a stark reminder of why Congress needs to act to protect retailers on Main Street. A failure to act is an implicit endorsement of a subsidy of Amazon,” said The American Retail Industry Leaders’ Association.

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