The Lowest Price? Maybe Not

You’ve seen it before: The retailer that promises you the “guaranteed lowest advertised price.”

But as Money Adviser, the terrific monthly newsletter put out by Consumer Reports, reminds us, the guaranteed lowest advertised price might not be the lowest price out there.

Manufacturers, the newsletter says, sometimes set a minimum price, below which merchants are not allowed to advertise. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t strike a better deal with the retailer.

It’s just one of several money-saving tips that the newsletter offers. Among the others:

  • Don’t assume that just because a store is going out of business, it has the lowest prices. Money Adviser reports than when Circuit City held a liquidation sale last year, some of its prices were still higher than those offered by the competition.
  • Don’t count on prices for factory seconds and floor models to be lower than those offered by discounters for products in good shape.

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