Watchdog’s Christmas Suggestions

When it comes to Christmas presents I am a big believer in educational presents.

The following includes my recommendations, products that I have purchased, most of them through Amazon (I own stock in Amazon and our site is an Amazon associate):

My top suggestion (and it was last year when I had no connection to Amazon) is the Pulse pen –Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen, 2GB Pulse Smartpen (APA-00002)


I have used mine for two years and found it indispensable when taking notes during interviews. If your child is in the last two years of high school or in college, it will become the most useful tool in his or her student career.

Buy or give Consumer Reports Consumer Reports


You will save the subscription cost in your first issue.

Shop Smart is a magazine published by Consumer Reports.


Can’t go wrong with this present ShopSmart

For a more expensive gift, I purchased a Canon HD camcorder and love it: HF200 HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 15x Optical Zoom, use it for my work and getting better at it every day.  Later today I will list my recommendation for books and toys.


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  1. How about a package of Personal Training sessions. Can’t go wrong with a gift of strength, flexibility, balance, body fat loss, stress reduction, etc… and as you obviously know, there is an absolute educational value to it!! Right, George??!!

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