Allegiant Says ‘That’s the Spirit’ Fees Like Fleas

Joining a “trend” that consumers hoped would never catch on, Las Vegas-based Allegiant Airlines today follows the dismal lead of Spirit Airlines in charging passengers for carry-on items. By assessing a mint for checked luggage the airlines have forced travelers to use carry on — and now the airlines are bilking the sap customers for that, too.

Starting today, greedy Allegiant, which is making a tidy profit already, will soak passengers $35 for carry on items. At that, they are following the grabby lead of Spirit which is totally infested with fees.

Spirit’s contempt for its customers is pretty astonishing, almost as astonishing as that it has any customers at all after charging fees for baggage, carry on, seating, reservations and just about everything else that can have a price tag stuck upon it.  The low fares they sometimes offer are overwhelmed by the sly levies that argue for the smart consumer to look very, very carefully before considering using Spirit. Here is a list of their charges.

Consumer beware.


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