AutoSlash, a New Car Rental Site, Keeps on Digging


I’ve been very comfortable with the awkwardly named for car rentals. It is quick, easy to use and routinely offers better prices than I’ve found working the big sweeping search sites, or those of the companies themselves. As is finally the case, it also gives a clear picture of the entire cost — including all the amazing array of fees and taxes by which communities bilk visitors who do not vote in the local elections.

But I also keep an eye our for new sites that might be even better. So it is that I am liking In many ways, AutoSlash mirrors improvements found elsewhere but it does pull in some good prices, offers coupons (often for rather zany things like renting in Costa Rica; which, I suppose, is not zany if you’re renting in Costa Rica) and the always unsettling mater of insurance coverage.

More, AutoSlash offers a continuing search for lower prices even after we’ve shaken hands on the deal. This is a terrific feature whereby the site continues to look for better rates and deals that can pop up unknown to the consumer — and then shares the good news.

Take a look, it could work for you — instead of working only for the car rental companies.

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