Cuba Humanitarian Trip & Himalayan Jazz Festival On Watchdog Radio

Listen to and watch the Ct Watchdog News Hour, as West Hartford journalist and author Denis Horgan talks about his upcoming trip to Cuba with a retired FBI agent to bring used baseball equipment to kids there.

Also in the latest Ct Watchdog News Hour, you can hear from Santa Cruz  journalist and musician Brad Kava as he discusses his trip last month to the Himalayas, where he was invited to play in their Jazz Festival.

Both Denis and Brad are incredibly talented people who I am fortunate to be able to call friends.

Denis and I worked for many years for The Courant, where he was an editor and columnist. As a world traveler, he writes weekly for CtWatchdog on travel issues and travel bargains.

Denis recently started posting his incredible travel photos on CtWatchdog under the travel section, including from his last trip to Cuba.

Brad was a cop reporter, radio and music columnist at the once great Mercury News. He is now a journalism professor, radio host, author and professional musician, playing the harmonica. He also operates the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival.

He is the only Gringo that the top Mexican rock band El Tri invites to play when it tours in the U.S. You might have not heard of El Tri, but everyone in Mexico has.

When Brad and I vacationed together in Playa del Carmen as single men, we got all the free drinks we wanted by showing bartenders photos of Brad playing with the group.

Martin Gasselsberger (left), Brad Kava and Oliver Mally

Brad and ZZ Top

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