Four Calling Birds? Call Your Travel Agent Instead

Here are even more Christmas season specials to put on your list of those who’ve been naughty or nice. Sorry Santa, sometimes being naughty gets a nice reward, too. ‘Tis the season to be jolly:

— From Travelzoo, New York hotel at 50 percent off. Chic Hotel Mila near Times Square for $149 a weekend night (a little bit more gets you in during the week.)

And, a weekend at Niagara Falls, with lots of other nice things.

And, $700 off a cruise to Alsaka — a very popular destination.

— shares a neat deal for travel in Italy from Sceptre Tours: Six nights of bed & breakfast, car rental and more for $659 and up.

–  Southwest Airlines is offering all sorts of bargain flights, but you need to book by Monday. Well worth a look.

- relays a week in Costa Rica with air for only $674 from

More to come.

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