Four For the Road: Postcards From Recently Visited Hotels

Here are a few report cards from hotels I’ve used recently.

* Can’t say I actually planned in any logical way to visit the Inn at Turkey Hill in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It just seemed on the map like a good place to break up a long road trip. Next time, I’ll go out of my way to make sure the road trip pass through Bloomsburg to stay again at the truly terrific place.

The Inn has tasteful¬† rooms at reasonable rates with wonderful food — high end and pub servings, both — and an excellent breakfast that comes with the room. The whole experience was top-notch.

Set in the countryside of eastern Pennsylvania, the Inn at Turkey Hill offers lovely vistas, welcoming decor and a friendly staff. This a really good place to visit and use as a base to explore or enjoy the region.

* Don’t know how often you’re likely to find yourself in Wheeling, West Virginia. It’s an interesting city with fascinating architecture and a great old bridge — and seemingly not enough people to fill it up. We stayed at the McLure House Hotel on Market Street which also seems to go by the moniker, the Clarion.

It’s a sturdy place, like the city, that struggles a little to keep up — but the rooms were clean and comfortable and the folks there very pleasant and helpful. Good rates, too. Located right in the middle of the city. Had a wonderful dinner at the Metropolitan Citi Grill, a place that could earn top stars in any city at all.

* The Crowne Plaza chain is a reliable outfit and we were very pleased with their place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It’s located just blocks from the state capitol, around the corner from the river and its great bridges and just down the street from so many of the the restaurants the town has to offer.

Harrisburg is a beautiful place to visit, even as bankruptcy threatens the comforts of those who live there. One after another, great churches and historical buildings line all the streets feeding into the huge capitol grounds. It’s a beautiful scene and worth a stroll. The hotel is clean, well-run and very comfortable. Its rates are reasonable and you have the feeling of being in the mioddle of things — notably so in the Civil War anniversary year.

* Location, location, location meets quality, quality, quality in Pittsburgh’s wonderful riverside Renaissance hotel. Smack in the middle of the city, the hotel faces to the business district on one side, across the great stadiums in another. The ancient bridges are walkable and offer their own lovely perspectives.

Not inexpensive, the Renaissance is elegant, historic and wonderfully comfortable. You can stroll to any number of good restaurants and shops, or just take in the dynamic energies of a great city. This is a terrific place to visit and from which to enjoy a neat burg – or burgh.


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