Hipmunk’s Hot Spots: Where to Find the Nearest Vice

The cheery and effective travel search engine Hipmunk, offers a lot of neat services: Plane departures stacked up by time and other neat distinctions, WiFi availability, vice, tourist …


Yep, Hipmunk now kindly alerts the hotel searcher where the town’s hot spots are — the saloons, casinos, adult entertainment etc. It’s up to us to find them exactly but Hipmunk is kind enough to show on its city maps where to begin the prowl.

Type in the city and dates and, in the usual way, hotel opportunities come out — plus a map. But we can further refine the game by asking to pinpoint food places, tourist attractions, shopping, nightlife and vice. Yes, vice. “Vise” is defined as “bars, casinos and adult entertainment.” A colored splotch is shown on the map.

Surely we will all check that out — so that we will know what places to avoid. Surely.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout. Our hotels search has been getting a lot of attention lately – glad you found the different info overlays to be so helpful 🙂

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