Home Suite Home, Important Savings for Longer Stays

We hadn’t done much with “suites” before, even on longer hotel stays. Not sure why. We’ve done luxury hotels and cheap chains and pretty much a lot in between. But somehow we never have done much in the increasingly available suite approach.

That seems a bit foolish now.

A family-business trip again put us in Indianapolis the other day, a great city that seems almost to be a home away from home for us as we work on some complicated things there. We’ve stayed in the nifty Crowne Plaza train station hotel and really liked it a lot; but the price jumped up on us this time so we looked around and tried the Hilton’s Homewood Suites. Beyond even the excellent service, good food and general accessibility of the place, it saved us a lot without surrendering comfort or too much convenience.

It’s not that I don’t pay attention to such things, but it’s possible to undercount the impact of things like a free breakfast and free parking. At the Crowne Plaza and other downtown hotels it costs nearly $20 a day for parking, plus tips, and  easily that much for a good breakfast. Five days without those levies saved some $200  — which covers the entire rental car bill and more for such a span.

The Homewood Suite facility, surely like those elsewhere in such a big chain, was comfortable, clean and quiet. It offered all the niceties that its heavy business-oriented crowd appreciates: exercise facility, pool, a large business center, good food, meeting space and very helpful staff. The rates are very competitive and the services were just right for us.

And we saved a bundle, too.

Seems like a suite deal to me.

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