How To Get Cheapest Ticket For Universal Studios World Of Harry Potter

Universal Studios is an exciting place for kids and grownups. But do your research on the best prices before you go to Orlando or you could end up paying too much,

Kathleen Cairns, a regular blogger here, went to Universal Studios last weekend with friends to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure .

One her friends asked for the least expensive ticket.

“The big sign overhead offered weekly passes, 4 day passes, and “1 day 2 park” passes,” Kathleen wrote me, assuming that you had to buy a ticket both for the Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. “The ticket seller said that would be $120 each for the “1 day 2 park” tickets. $480. Plus tax!”

As her friend was preparing to charge the tickets on her credit card, Kathleen heard a woman at the next window ask for a one day one park pass. She was charged only $85.

“It was not even offered on the big sign above the ticket windows. AND my friend had asked for the least expensive ticket, as all we wanted to do was see Harry Potter! So I asked him to refund the “1 day 2 park” tickets and we then paid $85 each for the “1 day 1 park” ticket. $340 plus tax!”

“We saved a total of $140 because I luckily overheard the woman at the next window. BUT, the sad part is, my friends were there twice before, with children and grandchildren! Imagine the money they wasted all because Universal didn’t even offer or advertise the “1 day 1 park” pass! This seems to be unethical and definitely greedy. When I returned home, I looked on the Universal Studios website and saw that they do offer the “1 day 1 park” rate. But why is it not offered on the ticket booths???”

“I would like you to educate everyone who reads your column so they can be prepared if and when they visit this amazing and fun place!” she wrote me.


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4 Comments on "How To Get Cheapest Ticket For Universal Studios World Of Harry Potter"

  1. …..Having done the Orlando (home of the $10+ fast food hamburger) thing twice, I can definitely say that doing your research is paramount. Try to go during off-seasons. Otherwise, you’re going to be standing in line most of the day in blazing heat. Try to search out bargains online on tickets. You should have the whole admission thing worked out before you even leave for the trip.

    …..I’d also recommend checking out various plans of action for how your day is going to go at Disney and Universal. There are books and resources out there that can help with this. General theory is this: hit the parks when they open, and walk deep into the park at the get-go. Don’t line up at the first ride. Go deeper in, and the lines will be shorter. Then you can work backward.

    …..Last thing, don’t get eaten alive on food and lodging. Before our last trip there we found some wonderful 4-bedroom houses with private pools for rent for less than $200 a night. And Florida is home to an excellent chain of grocery stores called Publix. Buying great food for reasonable prices doesn’t have to be hard.

    …..When we had our full week in Orlando, what we did was to alternate days. We’d do a day at a theme park, then a day of rest around the pool at the house. Park day, rest day. This ensured maximum enjoyment, and minimum fatigue.

    ….Final tip: don’t waste time with medicines like Dramamine. If you’re prone to motion sickness like I am, accept that you’re going to be sick. Go ahead and ride the Hulk first, have a discreet barf, a drink of water, and recover. Take meds, and you’re still gonna be sick, and you’ll be dragging and drowsy all day.

  2. Buying a one day park pass only allows you to visit one park. WWOHP is spread over both parks and connected by the Hogwarts Express. You would have missed out on half the attraction based on your article.

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