Look for Sales to Offset Underhanded Tricks by the Air Carriers

Even while most of the airlines are shamelessly screwing the passengers with a sleazy trick of pocketing money that customers might think was the tax part of their fare, smart shoppers can find some ticket sales going on. We’ll need them to keep up with the endless sleight of hand and fee barrage of the major carriers these days.

Because the Congress recklessly stopped funding the Federal Aviation Administration, which exists to protect our safety and our very lives, there are taxes that cannot be collected. Instead of passing the “tax cuts” along to the consumer where they belong, most of the airlines simply pocket them, slyly raising the rates to swallow up the tax “saving” — arguing that by keeping the customer’s money, the customer isn’t paying any more than he did before even though he is paying more than he should. This, of course, is a windfall for the airlines, already rolling in money because of their huge baggage fees.

(Spirit, Hawaii and Alaska airlines have declined to go along with the air-highway robbery scheme. Southwest foes not charge luggage fees for most bags. The expectation is that when the safety agency is finally refunded to keep us from being killed in crashes, something of only small interest to the woolly get government out of our pocket crowd, the taxes will resume but the commensurate fare increases will remain in place.)

While they are thus stealing from all the passengers, they throw out a few sales and bargains for a few — often on routes and at times when and where few are affected. Sometimes, though, we can find a bargain to help soften the harsher and deeply suspect activities of the air carriers.

SmarterTravel.com alerts us to sales from seven carriers that deserve attention. CheapFlights.com points to international sales from KLM. Travelocity monitors the system and comes up with some daily bargains, too.

It may take a little work to find ways to save — but the air carriers are working overtime against us, so every little bit helps.

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  1. What a disappointing article, Denis. What were you trying to tell us, that the airline industry is robbing us blind. Doh!
    Forget the search sites quoted and go straight to Skyscanner.net

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