National Parks Week Marked by Freebies and Discounts Galore

Now that the latest weekly budget crisis has been solved — until next week’s budget crisis comes along — the government’s amazing national parks will remain open to celebrate National Park Week, from April 16 to the 24th.

To mark the celebration, the parks will be offering free admission during the Week — and over other days, too. Other Fee-Free Days in 2011 include  the first day of summer, June 21; Public Lands Day, Sept. 24; and the Veteran’s Day weekend, Nov. 11 – 13.

If that isn’t attraction enough, the non-profit National Parks Promotion Council on has collected up a sweeping array of freebies, give-aways, discounts and other specials associated with the country’s national park jewel collection. These cover lodging, food specials, activities, events, tours and a host of other special offers.

Our national parks hardly need a lure — so beautiful, historic and unique they are.  But if folks are going to cut their prices and increase their services, who are we to refuse the bargains?

Our National Parks aren’t just gigantic holes in the ground or vast collections of buffalo and bears. They are that but they are everywhere. There are 394 national parks set aside to protect and honor the country’s beauty, natural wonders and history. Obviously, there simply has to be something in there for everyone.

And when it’s free and bargains are being offered, they’re so well worth a look.



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