Same Day Last Minute Hotel Deals In Major U.S. Cities From HotelTonight

For those looking for a real last minute hotel deal in some of the top cities in America, download the application for your iPhone or Android from HotelTonight.

I first learned of the site from the WSJ’s Katherine Boehret column where she recommends it as a tool if you are looking for a room tonight. It only words for same day booking and only in 28 cities and destination areas.

For instance, the deals today for the Boston area, includes a room at the Vanderbilt Grace hotel in Newport that normally goes for $375 a night, but for tonight they have one room left for $250.
In Boston, the Copley Square Hotel has rooms for $175 that normally go for $224.
Not bad for a Saturday night. Dinner in a nice Italian restaurant in Boston and then spend the night in a great hotel without having to drive home after dinner.

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