Southwest EARNS Top Honors in Web Survey Because They’re Good

I received a little snarking when I mentioned recently that Southwest Airlines is one my favorite carriers. Southwest? Well, I welcome all the snarky remarks people can muster but Southwest is, truly, a friend of the traveling consumer.

Now comes some support:

The excellent travel page,, asked some pretty basic questions of its many readers about what they’ve found flying around on American carriers. Some  7,400 people responded and Southwest flew away with top honors.

Southwest was voted top airline in just about every category: Best Customer Service. Best Airfare Prices. Best On-Time Service. Best Baggage Service. Best Economy-Class Cabin. Most Child-Friendly Airline. Best Etc. Etc. Since it doesn’t offer on-board entertainment (except the funny flight attendants) that was the only positive category it did not top. It also did not “win” the “Dirtiest Airline Cabin” distinction or the “Least Favorite Domestic Airline” category. US Airways won both those.

Otherwise good old stodgy Southwest, which just goes out there and flies from here to there, gets the recognition it deserves. I’m sure the razzle-dazzlers of Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airline and Thai International, which routinely earn distinction for international flights have a lot to say for themselves (I love Thai International, mostly because it takes me to Thailand to which I would go to in a coal tanker) but for rattling around America, Southwest get the tip of the hat.

Take a look at the SmarterTravel survey numbers. Information like this might help shape your thinking when you next start planning a trip. Reward the ones that do it well, is my view.

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  1. I love Southwest Airlines. I would love it if they flew to more cities. Like, Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC so I could see my daughter. The closest they come is Raleigh-Durham. I could take US Airways to Charlotte but I would rather go on Southwest. They care about their passengers. It might be no frills but I enjoy flying with them. No baggage fees either.

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