Squaremouth Offers Good Travel Insurance Information, Advice and Possibilities

Whether it’s cruise shipwrecks, Icelandic volcanoes, winter storms — or the prospect of simply getting sick a million miles from home — the issue of travel insurance is one that floats over just about anyone who gets on a plane, ship, train or automobile.

Some us are quite prudent about getting insurance while others of us (me) never seem to get around to it, rolling the travel dice. Possibly we might well skip the travel insurance piece — but likely we should do so on purpose, after investigating the prospects and calculating the costs rather than just closing our eyes and wishing bad luck away.

A much-recommended resource is Squaremouth.com which has been offering comparison-shopping possibilities and advice for travel insurance since 2001. Considering the amounts of money involved — both in pre4miums and in travel costs in jeopardy — getting a fullest picture is just a smart thing to do.

It’s a good site.

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  1. There is also a local, Connecticut based company available, http://www.QuoteWright.com, which is also highly recommended. QuoteWright has been around since 2001 and is locally owned and operated by nationally recognized authorities in the field of travel insurance.

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