Sunburn or Blushing? Hard to Tell at Nude Beaches

Who gets to do the research for such important studies? Are they hiring?

The wonderful puts Black’s Beach in San Diego atop it’s list of the top ten recommended nude beaches in the world. The Travel Channel begs to differ — saying that nothing tops topless Little Beach on Maui for the honors in it’s own top ten. Asbury Park, N.J., has just rejected a proposal to allow nudity on its beaches, there apparently being a big demand there, too — while hundreds of people showed up for skinny dipping at Vancouver’s Wreck Beach the other weekend.

The always-clever Huffington Posters lures us in with a photo spread of its call on the best naked swimming debate, but with more pictures of the beaches than the swimmers but, hey, it’s a family webpage. Or something.

There not being a lot of this going on in Connecticut and environs — and having a body that the EPA bans from beaches as sight-pollution without a full burka — I really don’t know too much about these things. But, a demon journalist keen to apply hands-on research to the subject, I find there are rules and tips and advice on the best beaches to follow. I share them in the abstract knowing that each of us has to make up our own mind which nude beach is best for us. Right?

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