Unique-Guides Offers Unique Way to See Travel Destinations

There are so many web sites to assist the traveler that it’s hard to keep up with what’s new, and for me at least there’s a comfortable tendency to remain with the tried and true, the TripAdvisors of the world.

Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for the untried. A new site Unique-Guides.com rides the energy of the web and visuals and social exchange media to offer a highly entertaining and helpful hybrid way to see a city in advance. Heavily leaning toward videos rather than text, Unique-Guides offers expert-produced clips about restaurants and sites that truly give the visitor a sense of what we’re likely to find when we call atone of the cited locales. More, it is encouraging us to provide our own commentary and clips to expand the base.

Just back from Brussels, I turned to the Brussels section of the MicroGuides. I found there lively and colorful clips of restaurants I hadn’t know existed, places to shop for antiques, cartoon museums, etc. They’re launching with seven locations — Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, Brussels, Toronto, and Montreal — and plan to quickly expand beyond the current library of 300 video clips.

It’s fun to use, and helpful as well. take a look.

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