A Conn Superior Court Jury Awards $4 Million In “Dram Shop” Fatal Case

Jury Awards Bar Patron Symbolic $4M
From The Connecticut Law Tribune

New Britain personal injury lawyer Ronald Murphy has handled plenty of “dram shop” cases, which hold bars liable for serving alcohol to patrons who are later involved in accidents.

The lawsuit against the bar involved in Patrick O’Dell’s alcohol-fueled death seemed a prime candidate for a settlement. Instead, it went to trial, ending in a largely symbolic $4 million verdict.

 By statute, the plaintiff can collect no more than $250,000. Now defense lawyers are planning to appeal on the controversial ground that the bar could not be held liable for any damages unless the driver of the vehicle in which O’Dell was riding was visibly intoxicated.

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  1. “We know objectively exactly how much alcohol the driver had consumed, but unless he was subjectively visibly intoxicated, we’re not liable.” Please.

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