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Ct Pediatricians Will Screen For Hungry Kids

By Cara Rosner Like all pediatricians, Dr. Lori Smith keep tabs on many aspects of her patients’ health, but until recently the Westport-based doctor didn’t always consider whether the children she sees might be going…

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Oceana Study Reveals Misrepresentation of America’s Favorite Seafood

 30% of Shrimp Products Tested in Grocery Stores & Restaurants Misrepresented                                                                           Oceana released a new study today that reveals misrepresentation of America’s favorite seafood – shrimp – across the United States. In the only…

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Are Low Fat Diets Making Us Fat?

As the focus on reducing fatty food has increased in the U.S. the number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes has increased. Several recent news stories – based on the latest research – suggests…