Costco’s Secret Codes For Special Discounts; Look For 97 Cents

If you are a Costco member you already know that the member-only discount chain has some quirky marketing programs – like moving merchandise around so you have to check out parts of a store you may have not checked out before.costco

They also have special codes to signal when merchandise is discounted or will not be carried any longer.

Normally, according to HubPages, prices end with 99 cents. But when it ends with 97 cents it means the item is a closeout and you will save more money, maybe a little, maybe a lot.

But don’t just look for the 97 cents, look for for other unusual prices, like 79, 49, or 89 cents.

“These usually mean that these items have a special price on them because Costco got a special deal from the manufacturer. In other words they were a special purchase and the buyers really killed their vendors for this price,” says the article.

Now if you see an asterisk * on the top right side of the price sign, it means that Costco is not reordering the product. So if you like it, stock up on it.

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